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an organic vegan chocolate spread created by Ryan Ferester in the early 2000’s while running his small Zen Café in Costa Rica.  The spread was so popular that he decided to bring it to the American market under the name Lovebean Fudge Spread.  We formed the company, with Ryan as our CFO (Chief Fudge Officer), and it was not long before Lovebean was appearing on the shelves of many retailers, including Whole Foods. 

Ryan had a great time spreading the love far and wide but, alas, his free-spirited nature prevailed and he decided that growing the company into a big business was not his mission and so he made his way to California to pursue other adventures.

Today, we have a great team with our bakers coming in at 5:30 every morning to prepare our homemade pastries and muffins and create our famous chicken salad and avocado toast, making their own sourdough and focaccia bread for the sandwiches, and, of course, our top-notch Baristas create amazing coffee drinks. We give profits from our merchandise to our charity of the month.  We also have a monthly market on the third Saturday of the month featuring local vendors. The entry fees from our vendors also go to our local charity of the month.     

We love our little coffeehouse and are so happy to “Spread the Love” throughout our great community!   We hope you enjoy it as much as we at Corcoran Ferester Realty enjoy providing it for you.

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